Top Dude Ranches in Wyoming

Visiting top Dude Ranches in Wyoming can prove to be the vacation of a lifetime for you, your significant other or your family. The food, the scenery, the opportunity to really get up close to nature will give your mind,heart and spirit real refreshment. You will find each ranch has its own specialty but all specialize in being very attractive to folks who long to play the part of the cowboy or cowgirl in the Old West. There are plenty of choices but this selection definitely includes some of the top Dude Ranches in Wyoming for you to consider.

Bucking S Working Cattle and Guest Ranch Would you like to respond to the call to “discover your inner cowboy”? If you want to find cowboy style adventure that really includes participating in the daily activities of a working cattle ranch then you may want to take a look into the possibilities offered at the Bucking S. Working Cattle and Guest and Ranch in Hanna, Wyoming.

You will find a cattle ranch at an elevation of about 6000 ft. where the nearest real town is some thirty miles away. That means you will have the golden opportunity to really live like the cowboys of the past. You will be welcomed to roam on horseback across mile of open cattle range and help wranglers as they go about the daily and seasonal tasks of the cattle ranch. You can participate in moving the herd from one grazing spot to another, riding and helping to mend fences, keeping an eye out for strays and all the while enjoying the magnificence of the country you are in.

Top Dude Ranches in WY.

Still the Bucking S welcomes riders of all levels from beginners to the most experienced and children and teens can also fit nicely into the mix. The Bucking S only accommodates a dozen guests per week which means they can tailor their activities to meet the abilities and interests of the guests. Daily horseback riding may be offered in morning and afternoon rides, full day rides with a pack lunch or even overnight rides. Guests are also at liberty to simply enjoy relaxing and enjoying the scenery and other nearby activities like fishing and swimming. Bucking S recognizes that guests come here for many reasons and the staff does its best to meet your needs and expectations.

Accommodations are in basic but comfortable log style cabins or in the main ranch house and all meals are provided. For more information or to discuss what a vacation at Bucking S could mean for you and your family call at 307-325-6250

Lazy L and B Ranch , Dubois, Wyoming In 1890 Scottish settlers moved onto land and built a homestead which just 30 years later in 1920 began to operate as a Dude Ranch and which today is the Lazy L and B Ranch. If you have ever had the pleasure of spending time in the Grand Teton’s or Yellowstone and wandered the area around Jackson Hole you will have a pretty good idea of the beauty of this country side. The Lazy L and B sits about an hour and half’s ride from the entrance to Grand Teton National Park and operates in part under special permission in the Shoshone National Forest. You can’t help but feel that you have been deposited in a whole different time and place.

The Lazy L and B specializes in providing lots of time for horseback riding as that is often the first desire of folks who seek out this ranch. Wranglers will help to select a horse that will be yours to ride throughout the week and will be geared to your riding ability. The Lazy L and B is ready to work with children in the saddle and adult beginners as well. You don’t need to be Kit Carson to enjoy the Lazy L and B. In fact you don’t have to ride at all if you don’t chose to. There are plenty of other activities to keep you busy. There is a heated swimming pool on site, fishing in a stocked pond or in nearby rivers, hiking, volleyball, horseshoes are all easily accessible

Families will enjoy campfire activities and there is special hay ride and barbecue that kids really enjoy. Most of all there is a chance to relax as a single person, a couple or as a family and take what you want out of a magnificent location and the many opportunities for activities that the ranch provides

For more information, rates and reservations call at 1-800-453-9488

Flying A Ranch, Pinedale, Wyoming When someone offers something even better than a Jackson Hole vacation it tends to catch your eye. The Flying A Ranch offers that pledge and does all it can to deliver on it. The Flying A takes the view that you can enjoy the old west even better if you take out the “old ” part. As a result they have added all the modern amenities for lodging and dining that one might prefer to the old style cowboy decor. The results, well that’s really up to each persons individual taste but it is an interesting variation on a theme that definitely pleases a segment of the clientele that comes to the Jackson Hole area.

Regardless of the amenities you will definitely find plenty of activities that will connect you to life in the west. First and foremost of course is the horseback riding which during any vacation week here is pretty much unlimited. Your riding will be through magnificent countryside and you will have opportunities to drink in the scenery and even catch a glimpse of wildlife.

But there are activities beyond riding too. There is plenty of fishing for beginners and the well schooled. If you want to rest your backside a bit you may enjoy the many hiking areas that totally engulf the Flying A ranch. For those who want to put some time in with a rifle, trap shooting is also a popular Flying A Ranch. And when your western style day is done, there really are lots of people who would just as soon settle in behind a gourmet meal served with elegance and they can have their way at the Flying A Ranch. When the meal is finished they can retire to log cabins that will both accommodate your sleeping needs but also add the nice touch of a porch swing or a living room fireplace to the magic already offered by the setting.

For more information about weekly rates or reservations call at 888-833-3348

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